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Can I get cash for my items today?

We primarily work on consignsment!

What do I get paid when my consigned items sell?

You get 40% of the tag price when the item sells. For some premium brand items that we price over $200, we offer a 50% commission. See in store for details.

Are you a consignment store? Or a buy-outright store?

We only work on Consignment

Are there drop-off limits?

Yes. In order to allow all of our consignors to sell their items more quickly, we have a 20 limit per drop-off limit.

Are your designer items guaranteed authentic?

Yes, we only carry 100% authentic designer items. If we are unsure of authenticity we will have the item professionally authenticated.

When do you take fall and winter clothes? Spring and Summer?

We usually start taking fall and winter at the beginning of August, and we usually start taking Spring and Summer at the beginning in February. However if we have a late summer or late winter, then we may delay when we start taking the next season.

Do you return items that you don’t take?

We sort on the spot in about 10 minutes while you browse in the store. We return items to you that we can’t take right away. If we discover wear and tear on an item after you’ve left – like a tear, missing button, stain or faulty zipper – then we donate them to charities.

What brands do you take? And what don’t you take?

We take the latest designer brands. Please see this page for a list of brands we do and do not take.

Sometimes it feels like you turn away perfectly good items. Why?

If we don’t accept a perfectly good item, it’s almost always because we don’t have the right market to sell the item in our store. There is also limited space in our store to sell items – so we prefer to choose items that we are sure will sell.

Can I return a resale item?

All items are final sale.