The Process & Contract

Our Process

1. Accepting SPRING/SUMMER Items

2. Items must be dropped off in ONE BAG with the account holder’s name inside the bag. It’s to be quarantined for up to 48 hours before can sort through the items. It’s advised that you pre-inspect your items carefully & and also check what season we are taking.

3. Generally, we take items that are 2 years or newer, in immaculate condition, freshly laundered, pressed, and stain free. We look at up to 20 items per drop off.

4. No appointment necessary.

5. Consignors make 40%-60% commission depending on the value of the item in store. The commission goes up as the selling prices increases.

6. Your money will remain on your account for 6 months from the date an item is sold.

7. Items are held in stock for 2 months.

8. Items not picked up before their expiry date become the property of Rikochet Resale (and are donated to local charities)


Download & read our contract below.

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